Price rises and restricted availability of medium and high GWP HFC gases

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Recent press reports have highlighted a problem for contractors that REFCOM has been warning about for some time – that of the consequential price rises and restricted availability of medium and high GWP HFC gases.

We have been advising our members and registered companies to discuss phase down implications with their end user clients to make them aware of the impending phase down steps under the F Gas Regulation revision. There has been a sharp drop this year because of the “hidden step” caused by pre-charged amounts coming into consideration in 2017 as highlighted in the BESA Technical Bulletin TB004 guidance. 

With some manufacturers now announcing that they are to stop selling high GWP gases as early as next year the prices will continue to steeply rise as supply becomes scarce. Clients need to be made aware of the implications both financial and on potential downtime of equipment if they choose to do nothing about preparing for transition to alternative gases. 

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