Calibration Checks

Get free calibration checks for your digital scales thanks to our friends at FSW.

REFCOM have teamed up with FSW, to offer REFCOM members FREE calibration checks on their digital scales.

  • All 27 FSW Branches in The UK have been Officially Approved by REFCOM to carry out a calibration check on digital scales used in the RAC industry, and it’s FREE.
  • FSW do not calibrate or re-calibrate your scales but simply check to see if they are within the tolerances set out by REFCOM to comply with their audit criteria.
  • Each FSW branch now stocks a set 3 calibrated weights - 1kg, 5kg and 20kg.
  • Each branch has own its own certificate of calibration for the 3 weights from our weights supplier.
  • FSW staff simply places the 1kg weight on your scales and if it’s within the tolerance limit of +/- 20grams it passes, they repeat this test with the 5 and 20kg weights. If the scales falls within the
    tolerances for ALL three weights it passes, if not, it fails.
  • After the calibration check FSW issue each customer a copy of the calibration check certificate via email for them to keep on record should REFCOM carry out an audit and request a copy of your
    scales calibration check sheet.
  • REFCOM advise this calibration check should be carried out annually.

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