Application and renewals for the three types of ACRIB SKILLcard

Do your operatives hold an ACRIB SKILLcard? 

The ACRIB SKILLcard is the essential registration scheme for individuals working in the refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump sector, and it is a requirement of Refcom Elite membership.

Why do my operatives need an ACRIB SKILLcard?

The ACRIB SKILLcard is a single easy way of proving:

Your operatives have the right skills for the job - ensuring their and your clients' F gas legal obligations are met

Demonstration of your operatives technical competence and qualifications in one card

Identity and legal right of your operatives to purchase gases to wholesalers

Relevant health and safety knowledge and competence

Your workforce's possession of ACRIB SKILLcards will reassure potential clients of your company's professionalism and clarify which refrigerants your operatives are qualified to work with. 

To find out more, visit the SKILLcard website. 

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