Everything you need to know about REFCOM Elite
How do I register with REFCOM Elite?

You can apply in the following ways:

  • Apply online – it's quick and easy

You can find out more on our 'How to Apply' page


What is the application process?

Applying for REFCOM Elite membership is an easy step by step process. Visit our 'How to Apply' page for more information. 

What information do I have to provide?

Companies need to provide:

  • Information about their business
  • Evidence that all technicians/engineers are competent to carry out their work (and that they have the necessary qualifications)
  • Waste carrier registration details
  • Evidence that they have sufficient refrigerant recovery equipment and auditable procedures in place, which enable effective monitoring of refrigerant movement
  • A current F-Gas certificate
  • Successful on site inspection 
How much does it cost?

New Applications

Size Of Business BESA Members New Application 
Micro (sole trader) Free  £330
Small (2-9 engineers)  £385
Medium (10-49 engineers)  £495
Large (50+ engineers)  £605
Multi-site application POA
Supplier £385 £385

 Renewal Applications

Size Of Business BESA Members Renewal Application 
Micro (sole trader) Free  £275
Small (2-9 engineers)  £330
Medium (10-49 engineers)  £440
Large (50+ engineers)  £550
Multi-site application POA
Supplier £330 £330

All fees shown are subject to VAT at current rate.

How often is my business inspected?

Businesses are re-inspected every three years to make sure they continue to meet the scheme standards. REFCOM also monitors the performance of businesses by recording details of any complaints received. 

  • The three yearly inspection is carried out in the same way as the initial inspection. However, the inspector may examine other aspects of the business or he/she may look at the same elements in greater depth
  • Businesses may also be selected for audit following a third-party complaint

The purpose of the audit regime is to:

  • Ensure that the scheme integrity is rightly maintained and registration standards are met
  • Further validate and authenticate the information provided by the registered business.


For members of the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA), inspection will form part of the BESA Competency Assessment Scheme.

See your REFCOM Elite scheme handbook for full details.

I am a REFCOM F-Gas Certificated business do I also need to join Refcom Elite?

No, membership of REFCOM Elite is entirely voluntary.

I did not get my company F-Gas Certificate with REFCOM F-Gas Certification. Can I still join Refcom Elite?

Yes, as long as the business meets membership criteria of REFCOM Elite and can prove it has valid F-Gas Certification with an approved Certification Body.

What do I get when I join?

On notification of a successful application, REFCOM will provide:

  • A REFCOM Elite company certificate (valid for 12 months)
  • Registration of your details to a public database of REFCOM Elite certificated businesses
  • REFCOM Elite quality mark, which you will be able to display to demonstrate your business status as a REFCOM Elite certificated company
  • Van labelling to demonstrate your status as a REFCOM Elite certificated business
How often does my membership need to be renewed?

Every 12 months.

Why should I join REFCOM Elite when my company already holds F-Gas certification?

REFCOM Elite membership demands higher standards than those set out in the F-Gas Regulations and sets businesses apart from their competitors.

Registration with the REFCOM Elite voluntary scheme proves to owners/operators that, following independent third party inspection, refrigeration or air conditioning companies:

  • Can competently install, commission, decommission or maintain a system containing refrigerant
  • Are licensed waste carriers
  • Handle refrigerants safely
  • Are compliant with all current legal requirements
  • Operate auditable procedures for the proper control of refrigerants and can account for all refrigerant used and recovered
  • Use appropriate, purpose-designed refrigerant recovery equipment
  • Perform refrigerant transactions with minimum emissions and are environmentally aware.
Does my REFCOM Elite Membership cover me for F-Gas certification as well?

No, to enable your business to comply with the F-Gas Regulations a separate application for REFCOM F-Gas Certification must be made. Find out more about how to apply here.

How does the REFCOM Elite scheme compare to the mandatory F-Gas Certification scheme?
pART 1

Ensure sufficient numbers of certified employees/subcontractors engaged to carry out refrigerant management

Tick Tick
pART 2

Ensure suitable tools and procedures are in place to carry out refrigerant management (sub-contractors via their own registrations)

Tick Tick
pART 3

Ensure company possesses waste carrying licence (upper tier).

Ensure company has refrigerant movement audit in place with transfer notes.   Tick
Ensure company uses properly calibrated tools.   Tick
Ensure company maintains correct records to meet user legal obligations of site based refrigerant log book.   Tick
Ensure company meets ozone depletion regulations standards.   Tick
Ensure company operates to approved industry Codes of Practice and good working practice.   Tick
Ensure company operates health and safety policy and meets CDM requirements.   Tick
External QA audit every 3 years to ensure obligations maintained for Parts 1, 2 and 3.   Tick
All operatives registered with ACRIB SKILLcard on the Refrigerant Management Register or possess a blue/gold RAC occupational related Engineering Services SKILLcard.   Tick


Why do I need my engineers to hold an ACRIB SKILLcard?

REFCOM Elite membership ensures that businesses meet the best practices in refrigerant management and that clients can be sure that a REFCOM Elite member is delivering work to high professional standards. This means that member’s operatives are suitably trained and competent to carry out their work in accordance with Company procedures.

This is achieved by holding an ACRIB SKILLcard which provides evidence of identification, skills, competence and qualifications, in addition to improving health and safety standards as each operative must first pass a Health Safety and Environment test before being issued with an ACRIB SKILLcard.

You can find out more about applying for an ACRIB SKILLcard on the SKILLcard website

What is a REFCOM Elite Supplier?

Elite Suppliers have signed up to, and been audited against, a voluntary code of conduct that levels the playing field in the supply chain, ensuring that suppliers only sell to those who are legally entitled to purchase refrigerants and pre-charged systems.
By confirming their sales processes in an audit to REFCOM, the supplier is demonstrating to the enforcing bodies that they take their responsibilities seriously and have systems in place to ensure the spirit of the regulations are met.

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