REFCOMMore than a simple bottle tracking facility, we’re delighted to now be able to offer REFCOM members a FREE new software package which will help you to track, maintain and report so you remain compliant with F gas regulations. Just launched - REFCOM Mobile, ensuring compliance on the go! 


As a REFCOM member you are entitled to one FREE user package FOR LIFE - that's savings of £30 a month, £360 a year or over £1,000 when you renew your F gas certification with REFCOM!



REFCOM have teamed up with Joblogic, the UK's leading service management software provider, to offer a new industry-leading refrigerant tracking software package. 

FREE for REFCOM members the software will help you with:

bottle tracking and stock control of all gas bottles

automatically updating F gas logbook records

data analysis and synchronisation of every service visit and leak check

auto updating and generating service record certificates, customer records, compliance certificates and data for clients

automatically producing waste transfer notes (where applicable)
every asset easy to reach for inspection

digital management of cylinder locations

asset tracking – helping you do identify and solve recurring problems

helping to minimise rental charges on bottles

making it easier than ever to fulfil your audit and inspection obligations

full reporting and recording in the office, on site and on the go

To take advantage now and sign up, or simply for more information on how the software can help your business click here...

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