Refcom is proud to work with the Environment Agency and Defra to proactively improve enforcement of the F gas regulations and implement an agreed audit regime. If your company holds F gas certification, we might ask you to complete a risk-based assessment.


To make sure that your business continues to meet the scheme requirements, you may be subject to a random risk-based assessment and/or an on-site audit. Businesses are selected at random for a risk-based assessment or selected following a third-party complaint.

Our video above explains what you need to know about our audit process…


Audit guide


If you have been randomly selected for a risk-based assessment we will notify you by email. In this email you will find a link to our online audit portal, simply log in using your REFCOM registration number and email address and complete the audit assessment.

The purpose of a risk-based assessment is to validate and authenticate the information you provide us, and make sure scheme standards are maintained. In advance of a risk-based assessment, we will:

Request information to verify that there are qualified refrigerant engineers employed in sufficient numbers to cover the expected volume of activities referred to in Article 2.2 of Commission Regulation 2015/2067. This covers installation, maintenance, commissioning, decommissioning, maintenance or servicing of SRAC or heat pump equipment 

Check the validity of your qualifications with the relevant awarding body

Request information to verify that the necessary tools and procedures are available to qualified employee(s) engaged in activities for which your F gas Company Certificate is issued

2. Onsite Audit

If your business is chosen for an on-site risk based audit, we will be looking for information to confirm that the information you gave us during your desktop audit was accurate. We will contact you in advance to arrange a time to suit you, and let you know what we’ll be checking when we arrive.

We may also choose to carry out an onsite audit in the very rare case that we receive a complaint.


What happens after an assessment/audit?

We will let you know your assessment/audit results. If you're found to be non-compliant, we will advise you of any non-conformities and you will be given a period of time to rectify them. 

You can find full details in our scheme handbook. 


How are the regulations enforced?

Refcom works closely with the Environment Agency, and we regularly report audit results back to them. Through our monitoring, the Environment Agency are able to enforce the regulations effectively. 

The Environment Agency recently prosecuted a company for breach of F gas regulations, resulting in a fine of £3,000 and costs of over £18,000. You can read more here

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