Full Certification

If you have not already applied for a Company Certificate you should do so immediately, without further delay. It is now a criminal offence to carry out activities that install, maintain or service stationary refrigeration, air-conditioning and/or heat pump equipment containing or designed to contain F-Gas refrigerants without a Company Certificate.

As of 4 July 2011 any business that does not hold a Full F-Gas Certificate must apply for a Stationary Equipment Qualification Company Certificate (Full Certificate) without further delay.

Refcom has developed a close working relationship with the Environment Agency (EA) to aid better compliance and more robust enforcement.

Refcom Elite

Best Practice in Refrigerant Management

Refcom has been operating Refcom Elite (formally Refcom voluntary registration scheme) since 1994 to promote best practice in refrigerant management which means working to industry codes of practice and in compliance with all current legislation to ensure the control, containment and complete record keeping of refrigerant of any type.

Registration is open to contractors, end-users, equipment and refrigerant distributors, who wish to set themselves apart from the competition by demonstrating conformity to higher standards than those set out in the F-Gas Regulations.