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F gas certification is a legal requirement if your company handles refrigerants. Find out how we can make you compliant...

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Our audit system is now online making it cheaper, quicker and easier to remain compliant

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Our expert team has years of industry experience, so can help answer any technical questions you might have

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Original, compliant, hands-on tools and guides built on years of expertise

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There are so many reasons to become a REFCOM member - discover more...

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REFCOM is the UK’s market leading F gas certification body. We’re here to not just certify our members so you can legally work with F gas refrigerants, but with our industry expertise, we offer you the latest RACHP support, guidance, and software.

Certification is quick and easy and by choosing REFCOM you’re not just trusting the industry’s leading certification body, but joining the UK’s largest F gas registerthe REFCOM F gas Register.

Why Join Refcom?

There are lots of benefits to joining both of our schemes. Find out more here

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Refcom F Gas

We offer more than just the industry leading F gas company certification scheme

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Refcom Elite

Find out more about how you can prove best practice in refrigerant management 

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