Other organisations contacting REFCOM members

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

We’re aware that some member companies are receiving communications from other organisations which make reference to REFCOM. At the point of unsubscribing from these, a message is displayed saying ‘unsubscribed from the REFCOM register’. This had led to some of our members believing they have been unsubscribed from the REFCOM register and this is most certainly not the case.

Any communications that come from REFCOM will feature our logo, and come from a registered REFCOM email address. We will never remove you from our register unless you ask us to do so, or if you fail to produce documentation or complete an audit (but we will always give you enough notice to put this right).

If you ever have any questions about your REFCOM registration, you can call our helpdesk on 01768 860 409 or email on refcom.info@thebesa.com.

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